Anticipation of the new off-roading season

Around the offices here, we are starting to feel the excitement and anticipation of the new off-roading season. This season is an especially big one for our company- we are unveiling a new line of products at the Moab 4×4 Expo at the 2022 Easter Jeep Safari. I’ll delve into what those products are in a little bit (I’m trying to convince you to keep reading!), but first I want to share some of our plans for this new season that is coming upon us.

You probably figured out that we are attending EJS this year at Moab. From there, we will be going on a crazy road-trip/overland adventure in a Jeep Wrangler to Jeep Beach in Daytona Beach, Florida. Then, we are headed to the Overland Expo Pacific Northwest (PNW) show, which is in Bend, Oregon. Our craziness will continue to both Overland Expo Rocky Mountain West in Colorado, while simultaneously hitting up the Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Last and certainly not least is the Overland Expo East in Arrington, Virginia. I promise, we are going to bring you all along for our adventures via videos and podcasts!

I’d like to back up to what preparations I’m personally taking for this off-roading season. I plan on taking my Jeep (in between all those expos and shows!) on some gnarly trails this year. Back in November of 2021, I ordered a Dynatrac Pro-Rock 44 front axle for my 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (which is a JK for the Jeepers) from Trail Jeeps in Golden, Colorado. I also bought a set of Mickey Thompson Baja Boss M/T tires in a 37×12.50 size. Along with those, I’m also upgrading the suspension on my Jeep with a JKS 3.5″ lift and beefing up the steering system. So, in a nutshell: I’m doing lots of cool stuff to my Jeep so that it will live up to it’s color: Tank Green! OK, maybe it won’t be an absolute tank, but I think I’ll have to try pretty damn hard to break the thing on the trail.

It’s no secret that our company is focused on Lightning Fast Air Systems that reliably help you get aired down, aired up, and equalized on the trail. The thing is, we didn’t just re-invent the wheel in creating and producing our top-notch systems. We truly evaluated what we want when we take our Jeeps ourselves on some of our favorite trails: Hackett Gulch, Chinaman’s Gulch, Black Bear Pass, Spring Creek trail, and the countless others we love in the Colorado area. Not to mention the Moab trails we adore: Poison Spider Mesa, Hell’s Revenge, Fins N’ Things, and Steel Bender. When we did all of these trails over the last four-wheeling season, we recognized that we were wasting a lot of time at the trailhead airing down our tires, making sure they were all the same pressure, and then airing them back up for the drive home.

So, we did what any other off-roading enthusiast does: we looked at the market to see if there was a solution. We found that market options didn’t hit all the bases: we wanted a system that is the jack-of-all trades- meaning it not only deflates, inflates, and equalizes the tire pressure, but it could easily act as a single tire pressure gauge, a single tire rapid-deflator, and it could be easily stored. So we did what any enterprising American does: we created our own homegrown product that hits all of those requirements, and we tested it extensively. The end result of our efforts are the Thor’s Lightning Air Systems Midsize and Full-size Lightning Fast Tire Deflation/Inflation/Equalization Systems. We are so excited to attend all of the expos we mentioned in the introduction to show everyone with a passion for off-roading why we think we are the BEST solution to your tire inflation/deflation needs.

However, we didn’t stop there. We are in the final phase of development of the total Air Management solution that will be unveiled at Easter Jeep Safari. Since we are in mid-application for a patent, the lawyers have told us we can’t divulge too much- but rest assured that it is going to be epic. Let’s just say those of you that have wanted to hard-mount your portable air compressor for an on-board air management solution will be very happy with the results of our work in development and testing! It’s the first time in our company’s history that we have planned a product unveiling, and we felt as though the Moab 4×4 Expo would be the perfect venue to allow our fellow Moab-lovers to see what we have to offer and to share with you our excitement to change the hobby of four-wheeling for the better.

So, now you can see why the Thor’s Lightning Air Systems office is buzzing with energy- we can hardly contain our excitement, and have been working out collective butts off to make sure everything is ready for the 2022 Easter Jeep Safari. We hope to see you all there!

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