Innovation, risk-taking, and food

We know we’ve been squawking constantly to you about our Thor’s Lightning Air Systems and the value they bring to saving time out on the trail. We also recognize that our system was initially designed for those of us who carry an air source on board, whether that be a portable air compressor, a hard-mounted air compressor, or a C02 tank. There came a time when we were asked by people “what do I do if I don’t carry a compressor with me, am I just out of luck?” We sat down and began scouring our brains to figure out how we could make our systems compatible with the air source on every street corner- the gas station. We remembered what a pain filling up tires at the gas station can be- unwinding the hose, bending down and holding the tire chuck on the valve stem for what seems like forever- all while hoping you can fill all your tires up in the time limit imposed by your purchase. Forget about double-checking to make sure all the tires are at the same pressure!

We are proud to say we figured out a solution to the problem- through good old fashioned American innovation! We developed an industry first- an attachment that works in conjunction with the Thor’s Hammer Manifold that allows you to attach a gas station air compressor to our Air Systems- and making it super easy to air up all four tires at once!The good news is the gas station attachment is only $15- we’ll worth the peace of mind knowing you can air up all four tires quickly at a gas station in the event your air source fails or runs out of C02. To say the feedback has been positive would be a huge understatement. We are making the attachment available on our website shortly!

Taking risks- it’s scary! Our company is the result of two guys taking a risk- leaving cushy high-paying jobs to branch out on their own and to innovate the best solutions for air management on the market. We are continuing to develop new products- and we continue to rigorously test our Air Systems so that the only people taking a risk is us- not you, our valuable customer. We know that off-roaring itself is an inherently risky hobby- particularly for vehicle damage or breakage. We have focus a tremendous amount of resources and effort to make sure our products aren’t causing additional risk-taking. We believe in proven reliability and efficiency- and in saving you as much time as possible when you are managing tire pressure out on the trail.

I want to talk about food- because I love it (ok, I’ll be honest, I was hungry when I wrote this). But seriously- we know there are a few options for multi-tire inflation/deflation systems on the market, so we want to touch in what sets us apart from the rest. Think about food- there’s different levels of quality in the selection of restaurants that you can eat at- and the same can be said with respect to multi-tire inflation/deflation systems. We focus on utilizing absolutely top-quality components to build our systems. That’s why we use high-flow t-fittings, hybrid air hose, and amazing tire chucks. That’s why we use the beefiest (and most free-flowing) manifold we could find- and named it the Thor’s Hammer Manifold. To put it simply, we consider ourselves to be the highest quality and the fastest air system on the market- we want to be your favorite restaurant when it comes to managing your tire pressure!

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