The Black Hole of Modifications…

It’s no secret that those of us involved in the off-road world love to modify our vehicles. Most off-road vehicles these days come from the factory plenty capable: Jeep Wrangler/Gladiator, Toyota 4-Runner/Tacoma, Ford Bronco/Ranger, and more. Factory-fresh capability aside, off-roaders tend to want more- think of oversized tires, suspension lifts, modifications to the axles/gears, and the addition of useful off-road gear like on-board air compressors (shameless plug for our mounting system- The Refuge!). Our company is no different- we love our Jeeps and think constantly about what’s next: bigger tires, bigger lift, bigger axles, bigger engines…hence the title of this blog: The Black Hole of Modifications!

For example- one of our Jeeps- Big Green- a 2015 Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited- recently underwent a round of pretty serious upgrades to include a DynaTrac Pro-Rock 44, JKS Suspension, 5.13 gears, 37″ tires mounted on Method Race Wheels, and a whole bunch more. However- The Black Hole of Modifications beckons- it’s become painfully obvious the stock plastic fenders are not up to the task of accounting for the increased articulation and tire size that Big Green possesses. As a result, the rear fender have been dislodged from their mounting holes on the Jeep, and a horrendous sound of tire-on-plastic emanates from the rear over every bump while off-roading. So what’s next? New fenders for sure! Then the question becomes do I buy once and cry once, or go down the path of upgrading the fenders in phases (starting with cheaper ones and then upgrading to the GenRight fenders I REALLY want)?

Bf Goodrich Jeep in Moab

Therein lies the ongoing saga of the off-road enthusiast: one project seemingly get finished- yet only to spark another project. Seemingly endless, it’s a familiar tune- albeit sometimes a stressful one. The other night, I was trying to come up with a foolproof way to let my wife (the minister of finance) know that yet another expense for Big Green would be coming in the form of fenders (not the most sexy of modifications when compared to big tires or a lift, huh?). My solution was simple: we took Big Green out for a family off-roading trip to the Rainbow Falls area near Woodland park, Colorado. The trail was snowy and muddy- and the tranquility was constantly being disturbed by the aforementioned crunchy sound of tire vs. fender. As expected, the wife advised she was unhappy with the additional noises and requested the fenders be ripped off while on the trail. While that didn’t happen, I am operating under the guise that permission has been granted to remedy the problem. I choose to ignore the fact the problem was self-caused by taking a perfectly OK Jeep and adding more modifications to it….

Our customers are some of my favorite people to talk to- because they can all relate to The Black Hole of Modifications- and they all have their own stories. We recently had a vendor booth at the Moab 4×4 Expo for 2022 at the Easter Jeep Safari, and while making sales was great, the truly inspirational conversations were the ones I had with people that were building their rigs and getting to experience their rigs on the trail. We are happy that our products: Air Systems, The Refuge Air Compressor/MOLLE Storage Mount, and the Lightning Bolt Air Compressor are helping others feed their Black Hole of Modifications! The thing is, everyone I spoke with, and for myself personally (Elias), The Black Hole of Modifications is on that brings happiness in the sense that it allows for expressing ourselves through our vehicles, our hobbies, and our passions. If everyone just kept their rigs stock, the trails would sure be a lot more boring! So bring on the 40s, the fenders, and all the other goodies that are waiting throughout this endless journey!

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