Travel, expos, and weird pool hours

Our company continues to grow- and we travel to expos to tell everyone about us. Meeting people and seeing all of the cool rigs are some of our favorite aspects of expos. However, the beautiful sights that we’ve seen while traveling are also awesome. For example, we recently traveled from Wheat Ridge, Colorado to Redmond, Oregon for the Overland Expo Pacific Northwest. As we drove on the endless pavement across Idaho, we saw a sign advising travelers to exit for Shoshone Falls outside of Twin Falls. We figured what the heck- let’s go see what’s going on! As we got off the highway and worked our way toward Shoshone Falls, we were surprised to see a vast canyon that seemed to come out of nowhere with the Snake River flowing along the bottom. Pictures didn’t do the sight justice! The Shoshone Falls were beautiful, and they provided some amazing video footage. We sure look forward to traveling some more- seeing everything this country has to offer!

Expos: they are so fun! Since the last blog (which was forever ago!), we have been to two expos: Rock Junction in Grand Junction, Colorado and Overland Expo PNW in Redmond, Oregon. They were both successful and fun in different ways. Rock Junction was more Jeep focused with an emphasis on rock crawling, whereas Overland Expo was an amalgam of vehicles from Jeeps and Toyotas all the way to uber cool EarthRoamers. We had great conversations with thousands of people between the two expos and one thing was obvious: no matter what kind of vehicles people were into, they had the common thread of loving adventure. It’s been a true blessing to be able to offer products that help people with their hobby, whether it be rock crawling or overland travel. We love both hobbies equally, and are looking forward to making some vehicle changes to reflect both the rock crawling world (Jeep JK) and the overland world (Jeep JT/Gladiator). We have a slew of new stuff coming out to support both camps, so keep an eye out!

We learned back at Easter Jeep Safari that camping and doing an expo is tiring. Here’s why: we talk to hundreds of people a day during an expo and show our products, answer questions, and just have general conversations about all facets of life. While the interactions with people is absolutely amazing, it’s also physically tiring because we tend to stay on our feet for hours at a time. On top of that, the temperatures are usually very warm which causes us to sweat. By the end of the day, the best way to reset the body and mind is typically a nice hot shower and some rest. Tent camping tends to skew more toward the primitive side (yes, we know there are some amazing shower setups!), and there certainly aren’t many tent campsites with swimming pools to relax in! So, we tried the hotel lifestyle for Overland Expo PNW. It was a bittersweet decision because we spent a lot of time walking around through the campground at the Expo staring google eyed at all the cool builds and having great conversations with the attendees. Those walks sure made us question our decision to stay at a hotel rather than camp! The siren call of the hotel pool promised to assuage our possible regret- but one little problem popped up. The hotel pool was undergoing maintenance and was closed nightly at 8:45 p.m. We only got to do the pool for a little bit after the last day of the expo- so that perk wasn’t fully realized. Oh well, at least the showers were working just great!

So what’s next on the docket? Yes, another expo! We will be attending the All-4-Fun event in Ouray, Colorado from July 23rd through the 30th. This should be a fun expo because it’s in our home state in the most beautiful mountains Colorado has to offer: the San Juans. They don’t call it the Switzerland of the Americas for nothing! We are excited to get the Jeeps out on some beautiful trails like Imogene Pass, Black Bear Pass, and others. To top it all off, we get to have more fun talking to people from all walks of life about their adventures and their rigs. How can you beat that? Also- our retail shop in Wheat Ridge, Colorado will be opening very soon- probably right after All-4-Fun! We have lots of cool stuff coming to the shop- we think everyone will be amazed. Hint hint: you’ll have a CO2 filling resource on the West side of the Denver Metro area! Shhhhh!

Happy trails!

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