What is happening to customer service?!

Sometimes people don’t realize that businesses are at the behest of other businesses and their customer service. In our case, we have been ordering parts, obtaining promotional material, and getting our booth prepared for the Moab 4×4 Expo. To say we’ve suffered from a lack of customer service at some businesses is an understatement: misplaced orders, phone calls not returned, refunds not timely processed, and the list goes on an on. The frustration is palpable- we sometimes pull our hair and say “where has customer service gone?!” At the same time, it has made us recognize that we don’t ever want our customers, YOU, to ever feel that way. I think it all boils down to one word: communication. We will communicate with our customers quickly, transparently, and respectfully. We love talking to people and figuring out how to help them enjoy their vehicle, trailer, or camper as best they can.

The premise of having stellar customer service isn’t new, but it seems to have taken a back seat in the modern times of technology and social media. We pledge to integrate the two: message us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and we will respond! Call us on the old-fashioned cell phone (ha ha!), and we will answer or call you back as quickly as possible. E-mail us at sales@thorslightning.com, and we will write back! I suppose the only communication method we aren’t utilizing is the fax machine…but who uses those anymore? I promise that, as we grow, we will always put communication with our customers at the forefront of our priorities- because we recognize that without you, there is no us.

Now, to tie this back into the world of off-roading, overlanding, and camping- Derek and I have begun doing Instagram Live videos on a regular basis- and we absolutely love talking with people about off-roading, overlanding, camping, and whatever else comes up. This past week- we have been talking with people from all over the country and even internationally with someone from Canada. It made me realize how cool technology can be- it unites us across the globe in a way that couldn’t be done just 10 years ago. We found ourselves dreaming of meeting up with CascadiaOverlandCrew in Vancouver and going on a big overlanding-style trip. We also realized we both have expired passports that need to be renewed ASAP!

During the conversation about overlanding, I mentioned to Derek that I was concerned about how high gas prices could affect the person that likes to travel long distances, and he had a refreshing answer: you only live once, and we can’t let something like money spent on gas stop us from living our dreams. I immediately felt better and recognized the simple adage of “where there’s a will, there’s a way” applies here- and I decided right then and there that this season is going to be filled with adventure far and wide- gas prices be damned! However, I would be remiss not to mention something- the Thor’s Lightning Midsize or Full-size Air Systems are going to be even more valuable to our customers because of how much tire pressure can affect fuel economy on a vehicle. The effect becomes even more pronounced on heavy vehicles like off-roaders, overlanders, and travel trailers. So- this is my Public Service Announcement- keep your tire pressures in mind and make sure that you are airing down for the trail and airing up for the pavement. Best way to do that- I’ll let you guess….it’s our Multi-Tire Deflation/Inflation/Equalization systems! I know, I’m annoying- but I truly believe in our product and it’s ability to help you guys and gals out there.

I recognize that I ended up all over the board with this blog post. By the way, I (Elias) do hand-type every single blog post on this website. I know I only have 1 follower (according to my WordPress stats), but please don’t hesitate to comment or let me know if there’s a topic you would like me to write about. I suppose I should start promoting these blogs a little more- because I’m finding that they are very fun to write and I would love to see some readers engaging with us!

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