What to know about airing down tires for off-roading

You know, it’s always super scary when you start something new. For example, the first time you enter the trailhead for a new trail in your vehicle, there’s always a sense of nervousness because you don’t know what to expect. Off-roading can be a great hobby, and it can be a scary one at times too- especially when it comes to damaging your vehicle! The good news is, the Jeep, Toyota, and Ford vehicle brands all have extremely loyal followings that typically participate in group outings to tackle the rocks, sand, and snow together. The camaraderie at the trailhead is amazing- people asking about each other’s rigs, talking about the trail ahead, and of course, the airing down of the tires ritual.

People who aren’t familiar with four wheeling sometimes wonder what the heck everyone is doing bent over letting perfectly good air out of their tires. The answer is actually super simple: deflating your tires, or airing down, allows for the bottom of the tire to be wider and makes the tire itself softer and more malleable. What this translates to is increased traction while rock crawling, overlanding, or going “snow wheeling” (which is just going on trails covered in deep snow!) Another advantage to deflating tires for the off-road adventure is that the ride quality improves dramatically.

Letting the air out of your tires may sound like a time consuming process- and it might be something you don’t even know how to do! That’s OK, it’s actually really simple. Lots of people just use their car key and use that to let the air out of their tires- like the YouTube channel Epic Family Roadtrip. This method is free and user friendly. However, it takes FOREVER to do- think of how much air there is in the tire! Typically, most people air down their tires to 17-20 p.s.i. for trail action. This is a safe pressure for stock wheels and tire combinations. Once you get into specialized wheels like beadlock wheels and oversized tires, you can start to play with even lower tire pressures- think 5-10 p.s.i. The point is, using your car key to bring your tire from a street tire pressure down to a trail-ready tire pressure is going to take 20+ minutes.

If you’re only going off-roading once or twice a season, it’s totally fine to just use your car key to air down- your back and knees will only be mad at you a couple times for crouching down for such long periods of time! 🙂 However, when you get bitten by the four wheeling bug, you will want to air down multiple times a month (big shoutout to my weekend warriors!) That’s where we come in- we got so sick and tired of airing down each tire individually- it was time consuming and you never know if all four tires are at the same tire pressure. So, we did what humans do- and designed a tool to help us be more efficient and to work smarter, not harder.

The Thor’s Lightning Air System is a high-quality Lightning Fast multi-tire deflation/inflation system that connects in a simple way to all four tires of your vehicle. From there, you simply open the valve and the system airs down and deflates all four tires equally in just a couple minutes. On top of that, the Thor’s Lightning Air System also has a digital tire pressure gauge so you can see exactly what pressure the tires are at. The system treats your tires as one large air chamber- meaning it equalizes the pressure among all of your tires! So- we took what used to be a laborious 20+ minute process that caused physical pain (getting old sucks!) and turned it into the easiest process possible! Yeah, we are patting ourselves on the back- we think it’s cool too.

So, check us out at ThorsLightningAirSystems.com and check out how our Lightning Fast Air System can help you get aired down for the trail. Next week, we will talk about how our Lightning Fast Air System can help you air back up in just minutes!

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