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2x tire inflator assembly kit

Package arrived un-damaged and as advertised. Waiting for compressor to arrive so I can give the inflator kit s try.

Quick and painless air up!

The Thor’s Lightning worked fantastic. We aired up my buddy Jeep on 35’s and then aired up my Jeep on 37’s with no problems and quickly! It shut off once it got to the right pressure so we didn’t have to worry about it while we were talking about the trails we just ran!

Great system

Complete setup with an awesome air compressor and 4 tire inflator

Amazing Product

I really love it I used last weekend on a off-roading and it’s so easy and fast to used so so love it.

Great time saver

The 4 tire kit might be a bit pricey, but it is a huge time saver and works great! I love this thing already!

Solid Equipment & Customer Service

I purchased the 4-Tire Inflation/Deflation System using the customizable compressor bundle link. Also, I had considered the base model compressor, but ended up getting the Total Control. After having tested it in my driveway a couple times to learn how to operate it and on the trail once, I have to say that it performs nicely! It's fast, efficient, not too loud, doesn't vibrate heavily, and every component feels solid. The automatic inflate feature was also really nice and pumped up my tires to the right PSI as if the tires were cold. The tires actually hit 2 PSI higher than entered, but in the morning they were perfectly at 37 (which is the manufacturer's recommendation). I actually think that makes the Total Control feature even more nice! Honestly, all of my friends were impressed by this air system and all took pictures of it. As a slight newbie, I got some "Trail Cred" for this purchase.

While the Hammer Hose Manifold does get a little hot, I was able to handle it with thin fabric without issue. However, consider the fact that I used it on two vehicles (8 tires), in 100 degree weather, in direct sunlight for around 10 minutes straight. The hose ends in the Hammer Manifold (the ones that go into the quick disconnects) were also a little toasty, but less so. Every other part of the hose system was cool to the touch. The chucks are easy to use if you think of pushing them on the valve stem and making the seal before locking the chuck. Some dust got in them, but was easy to remove by blowing on them, or using compressed air canisters, while moving the chuck lock up and down a little. The hoses themselves are durable, rated for 300 PSI, and slightly slick to the touch which indicates they are the right material. The hoses were also plenty long for a Jeep Wrangler JLU and could easy reach all tires on a full-sized pickup.

Finally, the customer service was top notch. I told them I have beadlocks and they gave me small extensions to the front tire connectors free of charge. Even with the customizations to the hoses the order came in early! They were also very responsive and kind. They also took care of me in other ways that I think should reasonably stay between me and Thor's Lightning. Just know that they were amazing and if how they treated me, the average customer, is any indicator of how they'll treat you then I think you'll have a great buying experience!

Awesome system

Love this air line system. Excellent quality, easy to use, and fast to air down and back up again. I also have the Total Control compressor. And together, they can’t be beat. Plus a 5 year warranty, what’s not to love.

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Alton Fryman
Great product and great service

Great product, easy to use. Great customer service.

Thor’s Lighting is lightning fast!

Bought the digital dual pump and the air up/down hose setup at Overland Expo in Redmond, OR and tested it out as soon as I got home. The process of airing down and then back up after going off-road used to take around 40ish minutes with my old setup. I timed it and to air down to 15psi on a 33” tire and back up to 42 on all 4 took about 15 minutes total! No more kneeling down over and over to stop and check my pressures or swap to another wheel etc! This setup is legit!!

looks good

Haven't had a chance to use it yet, been to hot out to go 4x4 Wheeling in my open top JF40 Land Cruiser.

Route Package Protection

Best thing ever

This air system makes everything so much easier. I didn’t know how easily would be. And it’s super easy and quick to air up and down now.

Awesome purchase

I bought the Total control compressor along with the 4 tire set up. This thing works amazing and is a huge time saver. Helped a buddy fill his 38" tires back up and his valves didn't have enough clearance for the 4 tire quick connects, so we aired up with the single hose. Even in his big tires, going from 15psi back up to 30 was surprisingly fast.

This is fast

I aired up two jeeps while the Jeep next to us was on his second tire. this thing is no pun intended lightning fast. I am so pleased with my purchase.

Not worth the expense

Would not do it again

Quickly Air Down and Up

Easy to use and quickly able to air down all four tires at once then air them back up at the same time!

Awesome Product and Customer Service

This is an amazing compressor and will definitely work for my application. Angie was amazing and made sure that I was satisfied with my order. I highly recommend this company. Thank you!

Route Package Protection
Fernandez Burke

Route Package Protection

Just works

Works right out the box very easy to set up and and get to airing up

Happy with purchase. There was some delay in shipping and after contacting Thor's directly they apologized for the error and made it right. The chucks are easy to use and work on my rims when the included ones with the compressor did not. Able to air down quickly and equally. I am able to air up from 30 to 38 lbs in about 8 minutes with VIAIR 400P compressor. Hoses and valves are good quality and the included case is decent. Would highly recommend.

Thor's Lightning Patch

The patch design looks good but the quality isn't that great and it doesn't come with a Velcro backing like i wanted to add to my collection in the truck.

Stephen- so sorry for your experience with our patch. We are in the process of launching a new patch design complete with higher quality and a velcro background. Thanks for your feedback- we take it very seriously!

Adapter- Smittybilt to standard

If you want to use a standard air hose, fittings,etc. on a Smittybilt compressor you need this. Plug snd play.

Works as advertised

Jeep JK off-roading in very rocky terrain. Mounted to roll bar mount is very secure and works well. Love the system however buyer beware very few places refill CO2 almost everyone is using the exchange system so you may not be able to keep your really nice power tank. Even in a small rural town with farm stores and welding shops, and oil fields no one refills tanks.

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Kim Cordova
Blown away!

I am simply amazed at how fast and easy the air down process was using the 4 tire hose and manifold kit.. after a 3 day trip to the sequoia national forest it was time to air up, and let me tell you , I was blown away at the speed and accuracy of the total control unit...Also love the quality.. money well spent!
Thank you

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