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8’ hoses extension

I ordered the red hose and received the braided hose.

Works great plus I can take with me on any vehicle


This is the best thing since sliced bread

Not to shabby

I've already used the Thor's Lighting compressor several times and I'm very impressed. The double pumper makes it double the inflation speed. It was able to air up a tire that was flat on the rim, when my old one couldn't.

Amazed !!!

I've tried a few different portable compressors over the years and I must say, this system truly amazed me. I run 37 x 12.5's on my Gladiator. Living in Montana and dealing with crazy weather changes daily. I find myself deflating and inflating regularly. I usually drop down to 12 psi for dealing with snow and mud and inflate to 37 for highway driving. I timed it the other day and it took less than 5 minutes to completely inflate. The system not only works great but the customer service is second to none. This unit is the real deal and I will be spreading the word. Cant say enough good stuff about this experience. If you're contemplating, wait no longer. You will be more than impressed.

Thor's Lightning Air Compressor Adapters

You should buy it

Solid compressor especially when paired with the quad hose hook up. I run 35s on my 4Runner and I can go from 15 psi to 32 psi on all 4 tires in about 4-5 minutes.

Thor's Lightning Portable Adventure Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Single Tire Deflator Hose Kit

Awesome system

We aired up my wife and my jeeps in record time


Amazing product the thinking about getting a second one

Thor's Total Control Dual Air Compressor

Was excited when my purchase arrived, unpacking the compressor I was disappointed in the carry bag very flimsy and will fall apart very quickly. Secondly I was wondering why there was no owners manual. There was a one page user sheet.
Now on to the compressor it works exactly as advertised, quickly inflating a tire. Did not inflate two or four tires yet because the hose kits are a bit expensive. I would defiantly recommend this product. Best portable air compressor I have ever purchased. I only gave it 4 stars because of my two concerns

I haven't used it yet

I gave you a 3 cause I have'nt used it yet

Works like a champ! Probably the best portable compressor I've used

It really works very well. I aired down all 4 tires using the Thor tire system and then aired back up using the Thor compressor. It cut off a couple of times but I believe that was to allow the air to balance. Wasn’t any time at all before the tires were back up to 36psi from 14psi. Color me impressed.

Great product

I haven’t had the chance to use this yet but the build and quality of the product is apparent and I look forward to using it this spring.

Compact Power

This compressor just works. Air down in 5-6 minutes. Air up in less than 14 minutes, hooking up and storing after your up to pressure. Get on the ride faster to start, get home faster after. Great, solid product. would buy again, but probably won't have too.

First use spot on

Was leary at first hooked everything up with 4 tire system equalization of tires then an air up. Checked with a tire gauge independently of hose gauge and I was done and impressed. Quick and effective

Already sold another one

This was my first 12v compressor which I purchased after personally seeing one in use 4 months ago. Air down using the quad hose system and air up using the quad hose and compressor was faster than any other rigs on the trail that day. I aired down and up another truck in addition to mine and the driver was so impressed he was ordering the same set up. Great compressor. Would highly recommend.

Just unboxed seems like very good build quality.

This thing was fast!

I was amazed how fast his compressor was. My Customer Service experience was top notch!

Thor's Lightning Portable AirVault 12v Dual Air Compressor 10.6 CFM

Thor's Lightning Rapid 4-Tire Portable Adventure Air System

Awesome time saver

The quality of this product is fantastic. The chucks that attach to the tires are well constructed, don't leak and stay attached. This takes all the work out of airing up and airing down and significantly reduces the time and effort required. tires are always inflated to equal pressure without have to check each one individually multiple times. This is a game changer!

Looks bulletproof

High quality. Locks on to a valve stem very solidly. Great addition to an air system.

Great product, great brand!

If you are off-roading and need to air up or down, THIS systems will more than meet your needs… portable, completely stores within a waterproof case, easy to iuse. Thor systems thought through all the things I might need and included them all in the easy to use system! So glad I chose this over an under hood system!