About Us

The Story

Thor's Lightning Air Systems is the result of passion toward being outside and on the trails. The company's founders, Derek Thorson and Elias Brown, both love being outside exploring their limits with their rigs. They used their background as police officers to build the most simple, reliable, and efficient air management systems on the market. They recognized that true exploration can be benefitted by efficiency- being able to do things quickly and reliably can make an adventure more fun and safer. Derek and Elias love crafting high-quality products in-house that are designed to help their fellow adventurers enjoy the outdoors and to get their rigs to places they've only dreamed of.

The company's first product was the Thor's Lightning Rapid 4-Tire Air System, quickly followed by the Thor's Lightning Bolt True Dual Air Compressor and The Refuge MOLLE Air Compressor Storage Mount. The company is proud to be partnered with numerous retailers all over the United States- and to be the recipient of a Global Media Award at the 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada for the TotalControl Technology on the Lightning Bolt True Dual Air Compressor.  After having rewarding careers in Law Enforcement, Elias and Derek believe that craftsmanship and excellent customer service will allow Thor's Lightning to flourish and continue being the best air management company on the market.