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Thor's Lightning Air Systems

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The Thor's Lightning Dynamo Lock-On Air Chuck is awesome because it is compatible across the board with any Schrader-style valve stem. Short valve stem (Toyotas, AEV wheels, etc.)- check! Apex Rapid Precision Valves- check! Standard length valve stem- check! 

The textured collar on the Dynamo chuck is easy to grip, and the three-tooth locking mechanism is incredibly strong. As a result, the Dynamo chuck is easy to use and doesn't leak air even in the most severe of conditions. Choose from a 1-pack or a 4-pack.

NOTE: The Dynamo is covered by a 1 year warranty. The Dynamo chuck is in stock and will ship IMMEDIATELY. Stay tuned for other colors of the Dynamo chuck- and feel free to e-mail sales@thorslightning with questions or concerns!

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Customer Reviews

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Jeff S.
Dynamo Air Chuck

Amazing product. Works perfectly with zero air leak. In my opinion this should come standard with their air system

Bruce Hagerty

Great little gadget.