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Thor's Lightning Air Systems

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This is a pre-order product that will ship in Mid-Late July of 2023. Special pre-order pricing is in effect. Limited pre-order spots are available.

The Thor's Lightning Bolt TotalControl is the ultimate air source with cutting edge technology that allows the user to set a target pressure at which the compressor will shut off. Simply select a target pressure using the built-in digital screen, and then relax while the compressor goes to work- automatically stopping when the tire is at the target pressure!

This dual air compressor has a flow rate of 10.6 Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM), which makes it one of the fastest air compressors on the market. What sets the Thor's Lightning Bolt series of air compressors apart from the competition is simple: flexibility. The Thor's Lightning Bolt TotalControl is truly Lightning Fast- it can add 20 lbs. of pressure to all four tires in just under 4 minutes using the Thor's Lightning Rapid Multi-Tire Air System (sold separately). The compressor comes with battery clamps to be attached to the positive and negative battery terminals, making it portable. With the purchase of the Quick Disconnect Wiring Harness, you can easily hardwire the Thor's Lightning Bolt TotalControl into your vehicle! The Thor's Lightning Bolt includes a 22' air hose to connect to each vehicle tire individually utilizing a lock-on tire chuck. The hose comes standard with an analog gauge to check tire pressure.

The Thor's Lightning Bolt TotalControl also includes a heavy-duty Nylon zippered Thor's Lightning carrying bag for maximum portability. The Thor's Lightning Bolt TotalControl is directly compatible with the Refuge MOLLE Air Compressor Mount.

Thor's Lightning Bolt TotalControl Specifications:

  • TotalControl Technology auto shuts off at target pressure selected by user
  • Compatible with single-tire or multi-tire air systems
  • 10.6CFM Dual 60MM Cylinder Compressor
  • 12V Input Voltage
  • 90A Input Current
  • 1080 Watts Motor Power Output
  • 150 P.S.I. Maximum Output Air Pressure
  • 9' Wire W/ Battery Terminal Clamps- long enough to reach battery terminals on lifted vehicles
  • 22' Rubber Air Hose W/ Lock-On Tire Chuck and Analog Tire Pressure Gauge
  • 10.6 Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) Air Flow
  • +/-0.5 P.S.I. Accuracy
  • 25.5 lbs. in Weight
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