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Based on 159 reviews

Between the Thor pump and 4 tire inflation system... top notch. Fastest way to inflate 4 tires.

Great Compressor

Love the compressor it’s crazy fast, the only thing is… for this company that is growing fast I would like to have a video of the quick disconnect installation, that would be helpful! Over all 10/10

Yordhy- thank you for the feedback. We actually have that exact video in editing right now. We hope you enjoy your setup!!

Tight and Right

Although I have only tested the system out once it worked great. All the parts needed where there and the Thor fit right in the custom steel shelf for my Bronco.
The person I talked to helped me so much with my questions. Thanks

Great system

Easy to deploy and pack up, with the simple T design on one chuck per side.


Using two tire kit, takes approximately 1.5 seconds to inflate two 33” tires @ 18 PSI to 38 - 40 PSI. Based on this inflation rate the system should work equally well for 35" - 37” tires.

Great Air System

Quick and easy. Makes airing down or airing up a breeze. I would highly recommend Thor's lightening Air System.

Quality Product

Great fit and finish, packaging and easy to use with deflation/inflation system. There is one area that can be improved, a longer power cable.

My 8' portable air hose extension

The perfect add-on for me. I really needed this extension so that I don't have to hang the manifold & digital pressure gauge on the side of the Jeep when airing down/up. Eventually will get a compressor mount and this extension will again be perfect when running the hose out the back of the Jeep.

Thor's Lightning Multi-Tire Rapid Adventure Air System

Great product! Easy and quick to use. Also, great customer service!

Thor's Lightning Gear Storage Bag

Room for improvement still

The mount itself as a way to hold and secure the pump is great. Before I purchased I asked if it would work with my raised shelf, they asked for a picture which I sent and said yes, so I bought the storage rack, it’s didn’t fit with my current rack with cutting a large part of it out, I’ve since replace the shelf with one that mount differently to accommodate the pump mount. Secondly it’s nearly impossible to weave the Molle straps into the mount as the pump is very close the the Molle panel, the holding bag for the hose kit that’s intended to utilize the Molle panel on the mount is very flimsy even when you do manage to get it woven in and the snaps are not strong enough to remain snapped.. I’ve made a number of modifications to the bag to stiffen it and improved the securing method.

Jason- we are truly disappointed that we gave you inaccurate information regarding the fitment of your mount. We sent you an e-mail with a resolution. We really want to make things right. Also, thank you for the feedback on the bag for the air system, we will incorporate it into our product development. Please let us know if you need anything else!

Garage sale item

This item exceeded my expectations. I was fully expecting to receive the wrong item or one that was damaged beyond repair. But what I received was from what I could see a new compressor. I thought for sure it wouldn't work or it was going to be excessively loud. But this is the most quiet fastest 12volt compressor I've ever used. I'll be purchasing 3 more in the future as I expand my fleet.

Great quality

The lock-on chucks connect without leaks and the hoses are heavy duty, so they should last a long time. I'm happy the hoses are straight and not coiled. My little ARB single cylinder struggles with my 35s, so I'm in the process of upgrading to an ARB double. Overall, very happy with my purchase.

Peace of mind.

I haven’t broken it out yet.
When I do I will be happy to have it along.

Nitto adapter works great

The Nitto to IM adapter didn’t leak and looks very high quality, and shipping was faster than promised. Very happy!

2023 Jeep Rubicon 4xe

I used the Total Control Air Compressor with the 4 tire system and was just amazed. I was able to quickly air up my KO2's back to 37psi.

2023 Jeep Rubicon 4xe

Awesome air compressor. I finally got a chance to use my Thor's Lightning Air System to air down and then quickly air back up when I was done. I have a Jeep Rubicon 4xe which means I do not have an alternator. I still had no issues with using the air compressor with the gas engine off and the hood up (which disables the HV battery from charging the 12V battery). When I was done inflating my tires I checked my battery voltage and my 12V battery barely lost any charge in the short time it took to air my tires back to 37psi. As soon as the hood was closed the HV battery recharged and topped off the 12V battery super quick. I still have my stock 33" KO2's and the stock Jeep battery that comes with the towing package. Can't wait to upgrade tires and I'm sure Thor's Lightning will have zero issue.

4 door Bronco Compressor Mount

This mount has a higher purpose for me. This will allow my wife to use the compressor without having to lift it out of the storage bin. Thanks to Thor's Lightning wheeling will be more fun and easier for her.

Thor's Lightning The Refugee 12v Underhood Air Compressor Mount for the 2010+ Toyota 4Runner

Part need a little fab work due to the size of my compressor and where I wanted to place it. Very happy with how it turned out

Sturdy & efficient

The air compressor connects easily to the battery and airs up tires quickly. I use it with the 4-tire system.

4-tire deflator & compressor

The products work as advertised - easy hookup and super fast ! Makes airing up and down a breeze.

Gauge accuracy

Why is the manifold gauge consistently 2 psi high? Other than this issue the product is great


Seems to be high quality, little difficult to put on mounted compressor in the JK, hoping it will protect compressor when top is off. Would buy again.