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Thor's Lightning Air Systems

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Power Tank Color

The absolute BEST products on the market for air management have partnered together and created the ultimate bundle! The Thor's Lightning Air System/Power Tank Bundle is the best of all worlds. Power Tank is a compressed C02 air system that provides an amazingly fast high-pressure air source. The Thor's Lightning Air System is the fastest multi-tire inflation/deflation/equalization system on the market. Combine these two- and you end up with the ability to air up all 4 tires from a trail P.S.I. to a street P.S.I. in just 45-65 seconds depending on tire size and amount of air added! The great part is- you are saving money buying the Thor's Lightning Air System and the Power Tank as a bundle- to the tune of nearly $100, and more in some cases (depending on vehicle model and options). Bundle includes:

  • 10# Power Tank W/ 250 lb. Regulator (Available in Candy Red, Candy Blue, or Gloss Black)
  • JK Rollbar Mounts for Power Tank
  • Nylon cover for Power Tank Regulator
  • Thor's Lightning Rapid 4-Tire Air System (Available in Candy Red, Candy Blue, or Quick Silver)
  • 8' Extension Hose (Allows Air System to be connected to Power Tank hardmounted in vehicle)
  • Carrying bag for Thor's Lightning Rapid 4-Tire Air System
  • Velcro Straps for Air System hoses
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