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What makes the Thor's Lightning Bolt Portable 12v True Dual Air Compressor 10.6 CFM so great? We view air management as Mission Critical Gear. That's why the Thor's Lightning Bolt True Dual Air Compressor with TotalControl is the ultimate 12v portable air source. This dual air compressor has a flow rate of 10.6 Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM), which makes it one of the fastest air compressors on the market. What sets the Thor's Lightning Bolt with TotalControl apart from the competition is simple: flexibility.

The Thor's Lightning Bolt is truly Lightning Fast- it can add 20 lbs. of pressure to all four tires in about 4 minutes (depending on tire size and pressure) using the Thor's Lightning Rapid Multi-Tire Air System (sold separately). The compressor comes with battery clamps to be attached to the positive and negative battery terminals, making it portable. With the purchase of the Quick Disconnect Wiring Harness, you can easily hardwire the Thor's Lightning Bolt into your vehicle!


TotalControl technology was designed in-house at our facility in Colorado in 2022. We designed the compressor to use live flow rate analysis to determine the correct running time to allow the compressor to meet the target air pressure. Simply set the desired air pressure on the digital screen on the compressor, and the compressor will shut itself off once the target air pressure is reached!

Tire pressure data can be affected by temperature, tire valve stem performance, tire condition, tire size, and a multitude of other factors. By using a live flow rate analysis, TotalControl technology improves accuracy and limits outside factors from affecting pressure. We designed TotalControl technology to be a reliable asset out in the field to save our customers time and to prevent tire over-inflation- and we know you'll love it!


The Thor's Lightning Bolt True Dual 12v Portable Air Compressor TotalControl includes a single-tire hose with a lock-on air chuck that will work with all lengths of Schrader valve stems on truck tires, passenger vehicle tires, trailer tires, RV tires, and UTV/ATV tires. The Thor's Lightning Bolt Series of compressors is the perfect companion for the outdoor lifestyle, no matter how you travel for adventure. 

The Thor's Lightning Bolt also includes a Thor's Lightning heavy-duty nylon carrying bag complete with a heavy duty zipper. We recognize life can be rough- so we use impact resistant heavy-duty composite threaded air cylinder caps to make sure the Thor's Lightning Bolt True Dual Air Compressor is ready for wherever your adventure finds you- and to make maintenance easy with access to the washable air filter elements on top of the cylinders.


The Thor's Lightning Bolt True Dual 12v Portable Air Compressor Total Control will work out of the box with Thor's Lightning Rapid Multi-Tire Air Systems and is directly compatible with the Refuge MOLLE Air Compressor Mount. The Thor's Lightning Bolt True Dual Air Compressor Total Control is equipped standard with an 80-120 Pressure sensor and includes standard I/M fittings for maximum flexibility with tools- no adapters needed. The compressor also comes with attachments for inflatables, bicycle tires, and sports equipment. 


We stand behind our gear- which is why our air compressors include a 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects- because we know quality is invaluable to the Mission. Be an Air Hero out on the trail today!

Thor's Lightning Bolt Specifications:

  • TotalControl Technology auto shuts off at target pressure selected by user
  • Compatible with single-tire or multi-tire air systems
  • 10.6CFM Dual 60MM Cylinder Compressor
  • 12V Input Voltage
  • 90A Input Current
  • 1080 Watts Motor Power Output
  • 110 P.S.I. Maximum Output Air Pressure
  • 50% Duty Cycle/30 minutes
  • 9' Wire W/ Battery Terminal Clamps- long enough to reach battery terminals on lifted vehicles
  • 22' Rubber Air Hose W/ Lock-On Tire Chuck for single tire applications INCLUDED
  • 10.6 Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) Air Flow
  • +/-0.5 P.S.I. Accuracy
  • 25.5 lbs. in Weight
  • 14.25"x8.5"x4.5" in dimensions
  • Approximately 75 decibels under load
  • 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects


    Thor's Lightning Bolt True Dual Air Compressor

    10.6 CFM (Free Flow)

    6.5 CFM (35 PSI)

    50%/30 minutes 2 cylinder operation No Yes- battery clips TL Wiring Kit available for hardmount $199.99
    Thor's Lightning Bolt True Dual Air Compressor TotalControl

    10.6 CFM (Free Flow)

    6.5 CFM (35 PSI)

    50%/30 minutes 2 cylinder operation Yes- Included Yes- battery clips TL Wiring Kit available for hardmount $289.99
    Smittybuilt 2781 5.65 CFM (Free Flow) 60%/40 minutes 1 cylinder operation No Yes- battery clips $203.99
    ARB Twin Air Compressor

    6.16 CFM (Free Flow)

    4.68 CFM (29 PSI)

    100%/1 cylinder operation after thermal capacity is reached Available as accessory ($237 extra) Hardmount only- portable is $990 $616.00